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What Two Questions Your Future Landlord Will Ask You

(And The Many More After That)

The process of acquiring the perfect commercial space for your needs is much more complex than any set of standard questions will help solve.  However, after many negotiations on commercial leases, there have been a number of themes and scenarios that repeat.  Below, we have detailed the general process we go through when meeting with a prospective tenant.  

Meetings between prospective tenants and landlords is very much like an interview with each side looking to see if the other is a good fit for their needs.  The tenant needs to know if the way they do business works with the requirements of the landlord while the landlord looks for a tenant who will pay on time and take care of the property they rent.

There are 2 things I am looking to find out when someone comes in to lease space from me.

  • Do you know what you need?
  • Will your business survive?

To find the answer to those 2 questions I ask quite a few more, beginning with “Are you moving, or just starting out?”


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