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Van Buren Gets a Facelift

As you all know we did a major facelift to the 45-116 Commerce St. property last year with painting the building and it definitely makes a difference.  The feedback locally has been so good in fact we are ONE UNIT away from filling the building.  Yes we do have a 1570 sq ft office space left and after that we will be FULL.  With such great results we have decided to redo another property this year and the winner was …. 45-435 VAN BUREN.  We went with the Dunn Edwards Mesa Tan like the Commerce St. building but we decided on Northern Territory for a darker accent.  Now on this property we only have the 2 larger units left so if you have a need for 4000 sq ft or more this would be great for you.  We have or painter Robert Janopolous working tirelessly to complete all 3 of the buildings and look at the results.  If we fill this property in the next few months I think we might need to pick another property for painting in 2013!!!

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