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Chamber of Commerce Benefits for a Property Manager

Your local Chamber of Commerce can be a very big benefit to you as a property manager. Take it from me. Recently, I passed the gavel along after a year’s worth of service as Chairman of the Board for the Indio Chamber of Commerce. Now that my service has passed, Ihave some perspective and can reflect on the benefits of not only my time as a board member and Chairman, but on my very early membership.

I started with the Indio Chamber to get involved with the local Government Affairs Committee. From a Real Estate and Property Management point of view, knowing what legislation is coming down the pipe and how it will affect your tenants business (and subsequently yours) is invaluable. After about a year in that committee I ran for a vacant board position and became a board member. I attended the meetings, mixers, and helped with fundraising doing all I could to be an active participant in Chamber activities. Doing so really helped me gain great contacts with the city, utility companies, and other business people throughout the valley.

After interacting more with other Chambers, I know I have been extremely lucky to have been involved in an organization with active members who care about the community. Some Chambers are more politically involved than others and some do not work as closely with the city they are a part of. However, by simple virtue of the fact that Chamber meetings serve as a place for local business people to meet each other, attending these meetings can help your business grow. Specifically, as a Property Manager, I have found that my relationship with the city has improved dramatically through close contact with officials active in the Chamber.

As a Property Manager, should you join the local Chamber of Commerce? The answer is simple; Absolutely! If your day job is to find businesses to lease your commercial space to why would you not belong to the Chamber of Commerce that your buildings are in? Their job is to bring business to the city, your job is to bring businesses to specific addresses in the city, it’s a perfect match. So Property Managers get out there and get involved with your local Chamber, you will not regret the time spent and the contacts made.

Rodney Chalmers
Immediate Past Chairman
Indio Chamber of Commerce

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