What Two Questions Your Future Landlord Will Ask You

(And The Many More After That) The process of acquiring the perfect commercial space for your needs is much more complex than any set of standard questions will help solve.  However, after many negotiations on commercial leases, there have been a number of themes and scenarios that repeat.  Below, we[…]

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Monday Deal: 2200 Sq/Ft Restaurant

We’re getting back a 2200 sq ft restaurant at 83-214 Requa. The wait area and cooking area is divided at 1100 sq ft each. There is a newly permitted grease interceptor servicing the building. A 3 year lease will start at $2275.00 per month.

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Monday Deal: $830/month for Indio Office Warehouse Lease

870 sq ft of office warehouse space. We have very few small warehouse spaces so this is a deal at $830.00 per month. Our 1440 sq ft spaces at this location are still only $1000.00 per month but with recent activity this price will not last.  Call us at 760.775.5100[…]

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Tenant Spotlight: Robin Hood Archery

Keep watching for posts on Robin Hood Archery. They have been with us at Commerce St. since 1992 but they are busting out and expanding to a new 3000 sq ft suite at 44-901 Golf Center. Good thing to look how packed their old place is. They are an archery[…]

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Indio Commercial Property Business is Beginning to Boom

Well this year is shaping up to be a monster.  January had us leasing more space than most of last year and while February was a little slow March is BOOMing already surpassing January leased commercial property square footage with more on the way.  Turn around on our smaller units[…]

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Two Months Free Rent – Las Adelfas Garden Offices Lease

Updated: This Las Adelfas Spot has been rented, wow that leased fast!  In it’s place, how about 10,000 sq ft  of mixed office warehouse for $6500.00 per month on Van Buren with 2 months rent free.  OK if 10,000 is a bit to large I can cut it down to[…]

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The 4 Most Important Things to Know About Your Rent

I am often asked how things are going in commercial real estate and this from people not in the real estate business. Many of them are looking for indicators that the economy is starting the long climb out of the free fall of the last two years. I tell those[…]

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