About Seecon

Thomas Connelly – Owner

Thomas Connelly began his career in 1968, leasing and managing a 27,000 square foot office retail project for a local real estate developer in Los Gatos, CA.

In 1972 he began operating the management portfolio of a local Northern California syndicator and for the next 10 years was instrumental in the purchase, management and disposition of the management and syndication portfolios, which grew from two million to over 50 million dollars in value.

Tom founded Beacon Properties in 1984, which then became Seecon Partners. Since then, the general partners of Beacon Properties and Seecon Partners have purchased more than 50 real estate projects in coastal and Central California, valued in excess of 100 million dollars.

The operating real estate assets of Seecon Partners and its affiliates are located in the Central Valley of California, the greater San Francisco Bay Area, and the Coachella Valley of California. A former high school football coach and all around sports fan, Tom lives in Los Gatos with his wife of 48 years and is known to some as that rare Bay Area native who roots for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Monica Tarango – Administrative Assistant

Monica Tarango has been working with the Seecon Management team and its affiliates since 2002. So much more than a receptionist, Monica is responsible for managing everything from maintenance calls to accounts payable and leasing inquiries. If you’ve picked up the phone and called us, you’ve likely already met Monica. She is an upbeat problem solver and a loyal member of the Seecon team who enjoys assisting vendors, tenants and prospective clients to get what they need. When Monica is not busy keeping the Seecon Management office on track, she can be found spending time with her two beautiful children.

Ana Navaro – Bookkeeper

Seecon Management and its partner companies have been fortunate to have Ana Navaro managing the financial accounts for our Coachella Valley properties for over 25 years. Although her favorite task is setting up new, efficient financial software systems, she also loves answering your financial account questions and customizing reports for property owners. Ana appreciates the flexibility that her position at Seecon Management offers so that she can travel and spend time at the beach with her family.

Rodney Chalmers – Property Manager

Rodney Chalmers as a licensed broker has worked with Seecon since 2007, Rodney brings a wide variety of skills and expertise to the team. Negotiating contracts for tenants and supervising construction projects come just as easily to him as marketing and budgeting. Because every day is different in the life of a property manager, Rodney is rarely found behind his desk. He is much more likely to be seen on the roof of a commercial property overseeing maintenance upgrades, or on the road showing properties to prospective clients. An enthusiastic and flexible team player, Rodney is an active member of the Indio Chamber of Commerce. When he’s not at work, he loves reading and playing strategy games.